venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

750 racer

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  1. fischia..componentistica di alto livello.
    da dove arriva?
    spettacolo :))))

  2. Bella vero. A me piace un po' tutta, da dove arriva non lo so, l'ho vista su quel sito su segnalazione di un'amico.

  3. Si bella moto e anche il sito mi piace..
    Ma che telaio è?

  4. Ciao a tutti.

    Here you have some more information on the 750 racer:

    Built before 1999

    - 900SS chassis, modified to use 888 swingarm and rear suspension.
    - Ohlins Corse forks
    - Ohlins shock
    - Technomagnesio wheels
    - Carbon fuel tank
    - Titanium everything

    I intended to run it in AMA ProThunder. We built a water cooled 851 2V motor (900SS cases, 888 crank, ST2 heads and cylinders, custom Carrillo rods, ported, hi-comp, etc, etc) but they deemed it wasn't legal, because at the time the rules stated "no water cooled Desmo".

    So I shelved that motor and built a super hot 750 motor (as seen in the pics) and raced the bike locally. After the 750 motor ate it's cases, I sold the chassis to Doug Lofgren ( He put the 851 2V motor back in, and still uses it as a streetbike today.

    I hope that helps.



  5. Thank you! !
    Great job !!!
    And very nice bike!!

  6. Hello again.

    Just to clarify, the 750 racer above is not mine!! I just copied here the information I found about it in the "" forum.

    I've got a SS1000 :) :) (@ superpantah: I met with Stefano - ottonero back in 2011 when I rode the bike from Madrid to Italy, ask him ;) )